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  1. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.
  2. Be respectful of your horse.
  3. NO smoking or alcohol allowed on premises.  
  5. No dogs without prior permission
  6. No firearms
  7. No stallions without prior permission
  8. No yelling, running, boisterous play, or loud music around the horses.
  10. Parents are responsible for children under the age of 18 years. Unattended children are NOT allowed
  11. No-one rides or enters the arena without a signed release form on file with Isuba Valley, LLC
  12. Lunging is allowed in designated areas only. Absolutely no lunging in area of other horses
  13. While discipline may be necessary, physical ABUSE of any horse or child will not be tolerated. Abuse is to be judged and determined solely by stable and appropriate action will be taken
  14. All gates shall be kept shut at all times, except while passing through if they are found in the shut position.
  15. Guests, vehicles, and horses are by pre-arrangement only. Guest horses must have proof of negative coggins and owners/riders must sign an Isuba Valley, LLC release of liability form
  16. No minors are to trade horses unless their parents are present or previous written permission is provided to Isuba Valley, LLC
  17. All equipment (grooming or other) shall be put away after use and not left lying around. Non-Isuba Valley, LLC equipment brought on premises should be CLEARLY marked with the owner's name
  18. Absolutely no dumping of any sort on the premises.
  19. Manure to be disposed of in designated areas only.
  20. Horse tie areas, wash bay, and the arena shall be kept clean. Be considerate, if you or your horse(s) make a mess - - - CLEAN IT UP!!!
  21. Horse tie area should be occupied only as necessary
  22. Tack room, parlor, and wash bay shall be kept clean and neat
  23. Isuba Valley, LLC does not provide grain/treats unless pre-arranged
  24. Horse trailer parking is available. Tack may be stored in your trailer, however Isuba Valley, LLC shall not be held liable for the security of the tack or the trailer
  25. Isuba Valley, LLC assumes NO responsibility for tack or equipment not belonging to the stable.
  26. Please give advanced notice to Isuba Valley, LLC for very early/late visits
  27. All riders are required to wear ASTM/SEI approved protective headgear at all times while mounted. NO EXCEPTIONS. However, riding apparel, equipment, and equipment repair are the responsibility of the rider
  28. Halters are to be removed in stalls and turn out areas. However, in an instance where a halter must be worn, the halter MUST be a break away halter
  29. No horse is to be left unattended, tied while in the stall, or while in the tacking or washbay area
  30. Turn off all lights when leaving
  32. Any contract entered into by Isuba Valley, LLC can be voided by Isuba Valley, LLC at any time and for any reason unless otherwise stated in writing and signed by parties involved
  33. Clinics, shows, lessons, and special events offered at Isuba Valley have precedence for use of the facility. Isuba Valley will keep you informed as best as possible, however it is the riders' responsibility to check arena availability with stable management
  34. We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone and for any reason.

WARNING --- Under Arkansas law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, participant while on the premises resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities