We offer customized lesson plans tailored to each individual's needs and abilities. Quality instruction for all ages and levels of horse and rider.



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Economy Pasture----------------------------------   $250/month

Semi-Private Pasture------------------------------   $300/month

Private Sheltered Run-----------------------------   $350/month

Heated/Cooled Indoor Stall----------------------    $450/month

Daily Boarding

Private Sheltered Run-----------------------------   $25/24 hours

Heated/Cooled Indoor Stall----------------------    $35/24 hours

Individual Private Lesson - One Hour
        On site-----------------------------------------------    $50 per hour
        Off site ----------------------------------------------    $50 per hour  
                 milage may be an additional fee @ 50¢ per mile


Package of 10 One Hour Private Lessons
        Buy 9 get 1 Free------------------------------------    $450 per pkg
Group Lessons (minimum of 3 riders) - One Hour--     $30 per hour per rider

Show Day Instruction-------------------------------------    $50 per day

Video of Lesson/Show------------------------------------    $15 each

Arena Rental All Day (shows and clinics)--------------    $500-$1,000
         Half Day Rental -----------------------------------     $250 (max 4 hours)
Arena Rental Hourly (up to 2 riders)--------------------    $20 per hour
                    Each Additional Rider--------------------     $10 per hour

Daily Grounds Fee----------------------------------------     $250

Trail Riding-------------------------------------------------    $20/trailer

Camping----------------------------------------------------     $25/Day


Equine Procurement:
        We will use our local and national contacts to find you the perfect equine match. We specialize in Hunter/Jumper Horses and will take the time necessary to ensure your satisfaction.
                                    Base Fee is 15% of sales price plus expenses

Horse Maintenance (including handling for vet or other farrier):
            We can be there when you are unable to make it.

                                    Longeing                 $30 each time
                                    Exercising                $50 per session
                                    Bathing                   $20 each time
                                    Grooming                $20 each time
                                    Handling                 $20 per hour with a $10 minimum
                                    De-Worming            $15 per horse (owner provides de-wormer)
                                    Trailer Parking        $50 per month
                                    Medicine                  $20 each time (owner provides medicine)
                                    Situation Training    $30 per half hour
All horses boarded at Isuba Valley Equestrian Center are to have up to date negative coggins (less than 1 year) as well as yearly vaccinations. Coggins (Equine Infectious Anemia - Swamp Fever) is a very serious and very contagious equine disease that is transmitted by blood sucking insects such as horse flies and mosquitoes. EIA is most often fatal. A copy of current negative coggins and current vaccination records are to be kept on file at Isuba Valley. Yearly recommended vaccinations may include but may not be limited to; West and East Nile, Rhino, Rabies, Flu, Strangles,  EEE, Potomac, and Anthrax. You can visit www.greenhorn-horse-facts.com/horse-diseases.html for information on equine diseases. Northwest Equine Services (Dr. Paul Turchi) offers a yearly "early bird vaccination special." Dr. Turchy will come out to Isuba Vailey Equestrian Center and vaccinate all horses and draw blood for coggins the first part of each year. Dr. Turchi usually comes to Isuba Valley Equestrian Center in March of each year for this service.